Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Yes, Home Insurance does cover Water Damage…but there are some important facts to know about placing a Water Damage Insurance Claim. 

What is the Source of the Water Damage?

Is the Water Damage “Accidental and All of Sudden” ?

What is the Source of the Water Damage?

The source of the water damage is the key to understand if you have Insurance Coverage for your water damage. 

Broken Pipe Insurance Coverage

For example, if you have a broken water pipe that causes significant damage, this source of water damage is covered in a typical Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Drain Backup or Sump Pump Backup Insurance Coverage

Now, a drain backup or a sump pump backup could be limited depending on how the policy is written.  Limits we see most often are $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000. 

Learn more about Water Damage Insurance Claim Coverage.

Is the Water Damage “Accidental and All of Sudden” ?

Another fact to keep in mind when placing a Water Damage Insurance Claim, is was the water damage “Accidental and All of Sudden”? Most likely the Insurance company will ask this question when you call to place a claim. Most of the time the answer is Yes!

Nobody plans to have significant water damage in their home…. but if there are obvious signs of negligence, an Insurance Adjuster could decide not to provide Insurance Coverage.

Restorex Disaster Restoration is a water damage restoration company that is dedicated to serving home owners and business owners who are experiencing water damage in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  We can provide water removal, sewage clean up, flooded basement, water restoration, and flood damage services for home and business owners.  Our team has over 30 years of experience helping our customers navigate the complicated insurance claims process and the overwhelming stress of rebuilding a home or business after a unexpected water damage disaster.

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