Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Frozen Burst Pipes?

Yes, homeowner’s insurance does cover frozen burst pipes…but there are some keys things to consider before placing a water damage insurance claim.

Was the home being properly heated when the pipe froze?
Is the property a rental or primary home?

Was the Home Being Properly Heated When the Pipe Froze?

The biggest reason a water damage insurance claim is denied for a frozen burst pipe, is the homeowner did not heat the home properly.  In these scenarios the insurance company will want to know, were you heating the home and can they have the utility records to prove the home was using electricity or gas.

If the heat was not being properly maintained in the home, it is likely the insurance company will claim the homeowner was negligent and will not cover the water damage caused by a frozen burst pipe.

Is the Property a Rental or Primary Home?

Insurance policies can change their coverages based on the use of the home. Sometimes a homeowner is required to move before selling their home and turns the property into a short-term rental until they are ready to sell.

 This is important because some insurance companies will require the homeowner to change the status of their insurance policy from a primary residence to a rental policy.

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