How Much Does Insurance Pay for Water Damage?

How Much Does Insurance Pay for Water Damage?

Insurance will pay for the water mitigation cleanup services as well as the water damage repairs to the property to return it to its previous condition with “like kind and like quality’ materials and finishes.

This amount can vary a lot depending on the amount of water damage in the home or property.

When Restorex is helping customers with a water damage insurance claim, the only out of pocket expense they have is the Insurance Deductible. The remaining cost of our services are directly billed through the Water Damage Insurance Claims Process.

Why Insurance Does Not Pay for Water Damage?

There are a couple Reasons that an Insurance Company would not pay for Water Damage….

1. The policy does not cover for that Source of Water Damage.
2. The policy has a low limit for that Source of Water Damage.

The Policy Does Not Cover for That Source of Water Damage…

The most common reason a policy does not cover water damage, is if the water came in through a Window, Wall, or Door.
This occurs mostly in Flood Conditions or Heavy Storms, when houses or buildings may flood because of high waters from rivers, creeks, or storm management systems.
The other reason is the source of water damage was not additional written into the Insurance policy….

This occurs with Drain Backups and Sump Pump Backups. For some Insurance policies they need to be added before coverage is provided. The insurance Agent is the one responsible for adding these coverages in the policy.

The Policy has a Low Limit for that Source of Water Damage

This is most common with Drain Backups and Sump Pump Backups. These Sources of Water Damage can be limited in Insurance Coverage to $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000.

Restorex Disaster Restoration is a water damage restoration company that is dedicated to serving home owners and business owners who are experiencing water damage in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  We can provide water removal, sewage clean up, flooded basement, water restoration, and flood damage services for home and business owners.  Our team has over 30 years of experience helping our customers navigate the complicated insurance claims process and the overwhelming stress of rebuilding a home or business after a unexpected water damage disaster.

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