Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance is the most common type of insurance claim for property owners.

Water damage can be caused by many different sources and its important to understand what is covered and not covered in a water damage insurance claim.

The 2 most important things for a homeowner to understand, when placing a water damage insurance claim is:

· Was the water damage “Accidental and all of Sudden”?
· What was the Source of the Water Damage?

Understanding these 2 things can be the difference in getting insurance coverage for water damage or not…. we will explain these more below.

Was the Water Damage “Accidental and all of Sudden”?

Most likely this will be one of the first questions the insurance company will ask you when you call them.
The answer is normally Yes…. Most homeowners do not cause water damage on purpose.
Important: An insurance company will only cover water damage when it is “Accidental and all of Sudden”. If they hear the answer “maybe” or “no”… there is a chance they will not cover the water damage.

What was the Source of the Water Damage?

As we mentioned above, knowing the source of the water damage is very important when placing a water damage insurance claim…

One of the 3 Secrets You Should Know Before Placing an Insurance Claim, is to know the source of water damage before you call the Insurance Company.
If you say the wrong thing or they confuse you when they are asking their onslaught of questions, its possible they will provide coverage.

The source can determine if there is or is not insurance coverage.
Learn about the Categories of Water Damage Insurance

Sources of Water Damage

Different sources of water damage include:
· Broken Copper or Water pipes
· Burst Copper or CPVC pipes
· Frozen pipes
· Water heaters leaking or failing
· Sinks overflowing
· Toilets overflowing
· Sump pumps backing up
· Broken water drain lines
· Dishwashers leaking
· Washing machine leaking or overflowing
The list goes on…. But the source of the water damage can “make or break” a water damage insurance claim for a property owner.

Restorex Disaster Restoration is a water damage restoration company that is dedicated to serving home owners and business owners who are experiencing water damage in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  We can provide water removal, sewage clean up, flooded basement, water restoration, and flood damage services for home and business owners.  Our team has over 30 years of experience helping our customers navigate the complicated insurance claims process and the overwhelming stress of rebuilding a home or business after a unexpected water damage disaster.

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